Registration as a gynaecologist in the Netherlands for specialists from outside the EG

You need to have a work and residence permit (from the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs) and a BIG-registration (from the Dutch Ministry of Public Health).

You need to file a request with the secretary of the Medical Specialist Registration Committee (MSRC), who will contact the NVOG representative. This request has to be accompanied by a full record of your medical credentials, CV and diplomas, all translated into the Dutch language. The NVOG representativewill judge your request and decide whether you will need an additional training of 1 year or a full resident training of 6 years.
Before you will be considered for the additional training, you will have to pass a special test in the Dutch language. These language tests are organised by the MSRC 4 times a year.
The Concilium Obstetricum et Gynaecologum will be asked to help you find an acknowledged training hospital to receive the additional training.

Ministry of Social Affairs
P.O. Box 90801
2509 LV Den Haag
Telephone +31 (0)70-333 4444

Ministry of Public Health
P.O. Box 20350
2500 EJ Den Haag
Telephone +31 (0)70-340 7911

Medical Specialists Registration Committee
P.O. Box 20053
3502 LB Utrecht
Telephone +31 (0)30-2823 244 / +31 (0)30-2823 759