The Netherlands Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology actively supports the universal right for girls and women worldwide to have access to high-quality reproductive and gynaecological health care. The Netherlands Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Global Network focuses on exchange of knowledge in the field of quality and accessibility of care, education and research and stands up for sexual and reproductive rights for women and girls worldwide. Essential aspects of collaboration are equality and sustainability.


The Global Network joins forces, builds and supports networks and is a connecting factor in international collaborations in the field of research, education, practical collaboration and administrative networks regarding reproductive and gynaecological care.


The Global Network committee wants to actively and constructively contribute to good quality Health care for girls and Women worldwide. The Global Committee wants to achieve those goals through the following:

1. Quality and accessibility of health care

By working together with both national and international played in the different projects worldwide; with the exchange of ideas, quality and accessibility of care in mind. Also to index international projects and initiatives and join forces.

2. Education

Working together for a high quality education for residents OBGYN. To provide opportunities for gynecologists from The Netherlands and abroad with which a collaboratie has been reached to gain international experience in a safe environment. Important factors are Gynaecologen uit Nederland en uit landen waarbij een samenwerkingsverband bestaat de mogelijkheid bieden om internationale ervaring op te doen in een veilige leeromgeving. The key concepts here are reciprocity and equivalence, in which residents, fellows and gynecologists get the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the Dutch health care.

3. Governance (FIGO)

Provide insight into the activities and players of important international networks and ensure that more Dutch representatives actively participate in these networks. These representatives vocalize positions in international consultations that are widely supported by the members of the Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

4. Research

Provide insight into and stimulate scientific networks. Testing the applicability of (Dutch) research results in an international context and formulating relevant research questions.