Global Network Committee

The Global Network of the the Netherlands Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology focuses on endorsing the universal rights of girls and women worldwide to improve acces to good quality reproductive and gynecologic health care.

global network committee

-a step forward to efficient international collaboration-

Who are we?

In this day and age, women and girls worldwide are still not receiving optimal reproductive and gynaecological care. To improve this, many initiatives are undertaken by individual members or committees of our society, the Netherlands Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The board of the college has stated the wish to actively contribute in improving health care to all women, including those in low-income countries. To facilitate this in an efficient way, and to formulate its own Global Health Strategy, a Global Network committee was founded after thorough consultation of different stakeholders within and outside the college.

The Global Network committee has been given the assignment to provide a clear overview of initiatives already undertaken by college members and to formulate a mission, vision and objectives to achieve improvement in international collaboration.

The Global Network committee focuses on four pillars to achieve better health care for girls and women worldwide:

1. Quality and accessibility of health care
2. Education
3. Executive
4. Research

From goals to a strategic plan 

Strategic plan

What you can do

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Quality and accessibility of health care

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